Prime Residential Waterfront Estate Lots

These gorgeous waterfront lots face Atlin Lake, offering breathtaking views of the beautiful aqua waters and coastal mountain range.

Lake Atlin scene

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LotShoreline mftSize (acres)Photos
1 50 164.5 1.75 View Photo Gallery
2 45 147.6 1.25 View Photo Gallery
3 120 393.5 2.00 View Photo Gallery
  4 (Sold) 130 426.4 2.50 View Photo Gallery
5 70 230 1.50 View Photo Gallery
6 55 180 1.25 View Photo Gallery
7 45 148 1.00 View Photo Gallery
9 30 100 1.00 View Photo Gallery
10 50 164 1.25 View Photo Gallery
11 100 328 1.75 View Photo Gallery
12 (Sold) 325 1,066 2.75 View Photo Gallery

Please note: Lots 12 and 4 are sold.

Residential Lakefront Lot Details

We have a clear vision for Lake Atlin Waterfront Place: residents living in harmony with nature, acting as good stewards of this special place, and appreciating the many health benefits associated with this one-of-a-kind sanctuary.

  • Each lots has rare direct Atlin Lake shoreline
  • Green Energy :  Hydro off grid Solar Panels  , Heating : Wood Pellets renewable Energy .
  • Primary and secondary septic fields for a 2-4 bedroom house are already approved, surveyed and registered on title
  • All waterfront lots have an outstanding view of the deep blue and turquoise waters of Atlin Lake and the coast mountain range, which highlights the magnificent Atlin Mountain.
  • Each lot offers easy access to the gravel and sandy shores of Atlin Lake.
  • These lots are located 6 km northwest of the Town of Atlin and are surrounded by crown land, offering the ultimate in privacy and tranquility.
  • For construction purposes, waterfront setback applies.

Reasons to Own a Lake Atlin Waterfront Estate Lot

  • These lots are located in one of the most pristine environments in all of Canada, which provides the ideal foundation for a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  • The United Nation Health Organization found the region to have the best air quality in Canada and is ranked among the cleanest regions in the world.
  • Lake Atlin offers an abundance of precious and pristine glacier fed water from the nearby Juneau Ice Field. Given the fact that water shortages will become a critical issue in future years, this is something to be valued greatly.
  • The Atlin Area offers a large variety of unique outdoor activities and adventures.
  • Poised for significant appreciation in value for many generations to come, rare waterfront properties of this quality and in this region are in high demand.
  • All Waterfront Estate Lots are "shovel ready" for the construction of your dream home.
  • Lake Atlin lots are accessible from Whitehorse International Airport.
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