A Few Of the Most Popular Activities in Atlin

Fishing, Fishing and More Fishing

Five species of salmon, a variety of trout and many other cold-water fish are within reach, and in most cases, within walking distance from the property.

Bear Watching

Each year, hundreds of thousands of adult King, Sockeye, Coho, and Chinook Salmon make their journey from the Pacific Ocean to their birth places up the Taku, Nakina and other River systems. This truly is a miracle of nature, and one that takes place in the largest and most immaculate watershed in the Western Hemisphere. Grizzly bears eagerly await the arrival of the migrating salmons to fatten up for hibernation.

Glacier Viewing

Explore the spectacular Juneau Ice Fields, which cover a 10,500 square kilometre area with 1,370 metres of thick ice. The Llewellyn Glacier is one of 40 larger glaciers and more than 100 smaller glaciers that are part of this 3000-year-old ice field located in the Coastal Mountain Range. The largest temperate latitude ice field in the world, this is a wildly amazing sight and is accessible from Atlin by boat through the Llewellyn inlet, or by helicopter which is able to land directly on the glacier itself!

Heli Skiing

With 155 cm of annual snowfall, Atlin has become an area known to offer some of the best heli ski conditions in all of Canada. From perfect tree skiing to superb high alpine and glacier skiing, Atlin is made for the snow enthusiast. The powder is ideal, the vertical drops are thrilling and the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Heli ski season starts in mid January and ends around the middle of May.


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