10 Reasons to Own and Invest in Atlin
1. Amazing Atlin Nature
Located at the very end of Highway 7, Atlin is a town nestled within a vast area of Crown lands consisting of boreal forests and a 780 kilometre2 aqua freshwater lake, which on most days, only a few fishermen use. No highway exists beyond a 100 kilometre radius of this point and there are no city noises to disturb the serenity or man-made buildings to interrupt the authenticity of nature's mark. Here you may immerse yourself in the true Canadian Wilderness as a way to revitalize both your body and spirit.
2. Activities
Only in the Atlin Region can you... See the largest temperate latitude ice fields in the world. / Explore the many ice caves or climb the 3000-year-old Llewellyn Glacier. / Experience the Klondike Gold Rush History of 1898. / Hike the famous Chilkoot Trail, just as they did in the gold mining days. / Ride the Whitepass Railroad. / Visit the Historic Skagway. / Enjoy the biggest freshwater lake in British Columbia.
3. The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure
Visitors can experience the great outdoors like never before. / Observe the North American grizzly bear up close. / Witness a miracle of nature as you watch the salmon in the Taku River Biosphere. / Go fishing for five different species of salmon as well as lake trout and many other types of fish along various rivers, streams and lakes nearby. / Boat or sail on Atlin Lake. / Canoe or kayak. / Hike along the trails in a pristine wilderness environment. / Heli ski with outstanding powder conditions and an annual snowfall of 155 centimetres. / View the stunning Aurora Borealis 150 days a year. / Go dog mushing or sledding. / Cross country ski and ice fish.
4. Good Location
Atlin is only a two-hour drive from Whitehorse International Airport. Between the months of June and September, direct flights from Frankfurt (with an in-air time of only 9 hours and 20 minutes) are received at the Whitehorse Eric Nielson International Airport. During the remaining months of the year, European visitors can reach Whitehorse via Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary. Air Canada, Air North and West Jet offer flights from all across Canada, and Alaska Airlines offers service out of Juneau and Anchorage. Atlin's Peterson Airfield can receive single or twin-engine air traffic. By road, Atlin is only a two-hour commute from Whitehorse International Airport.
5. Accessibility
Atlin is accessible 12 months a year. No matter what the season, a two-hour scenic drive from Whitehorse International Airport brings you to your Atlin destination. Air travel to Atlin is also available year round.
6. Stable Economy and Currency
Canada is a safe place to invest. In comparison to other global opportunities, real estate purchases in Canada are sought after by many investors because laws are clear and precise, investments are considered secure, and property rights are respected and abided by. Canada's economy continues to grow and the Canadian Dollar is one of the most stable currencies in the world.
7. Capital Appreciation
Waterfront real estate of any size in the Atlin and Yukon region is rare, and over time, it has steadily grown in value. Owners of such properties are reluctant to sell because they know that rising prices in the future may put them in a position where regaining ownership is impossible. Particularly larger lakefront properties intended for commercial development are rarely ever sold. As an increasing number of operators seek to expand their endeavors into this region, real estate prices will experience an even greater upward pressure. Given the uniqueness and value of the Atlin region, waterfront real estate here, when compared to other regions in Canada, will realize a higher and more rapid rate of growth.
8. The Future of Ecotourism
The demand for sustainable ecotourism is the fastest growing trend in the industry and the Atlin region is well positioned to accommodate high market demand. Few places on Earth are able to offer visitors such an array of unforgettable experiences. Atlin provides the ultimate travel experience to those eager to remove themselves from the daily bustle and reconnect with nature in a serene and peaceful environment.
9. Business Diversification
Rising temperatures are sure to draw affluent travellers to regions much less affected by global warming. The Atlin region is an ideal setting for luxury outdoor tourism adventures in all four seasons.
10. The Atlin Legacy
Future generations will value and enjoy these rare and extraordinary areas of the world.
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