Who Visits Atlin & Why
Who Visits Atlin and Why

The Atlin Visitor - By Interest

Lake Atlin HeliskiingThe majority of Atlin visitors arrive by air to Whitehorse. They are drawn to the Atlin region by the sheer raw beauty of nature and wish to spend time in a wonderful, calm and beautiful environment. Some visitors come to decompress and rejuvenate their bodies, while others enjoy the many unique experiences this region has to offer, from fishing and hiking to grizzly bear watching and heli skiing.

In the winter months from mid January to mid May, heli skiers arrive in Atlin to experience a "true powder" skiing terrain challenging enough for even the highest ski levels. Heli skiing continues to grow at a fast pace given Atlin's consistently outstanding ski conditions year after year.

Last but not least, over and above the activities and serenity of the region, those who visit never forget the magnificent view of the Northern Lights.

Lake Atlin Aerial View
Northern Lights
Bear Watching

The Atlin Visitor - By Geography

About 54% of Atlin visitors come from Europe, and more specifically, from Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. European visitors tend to take part in a wide range of activities including salmon and lake trout fishing, grizzly bear watching, heli skiing, wilderness hiking and boating.

American and Canadian Visitors account for about 40% of Atlin tourists, and for the most part, are also outdoor adventure seekers. These visitors enjoy the exploration aspect of Atlin, and are highly interested in the history of the region.

The remaining 6% of visitors represent those from all other parts of the world.

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